Upload finished animations to your Vimeo account, then embed on theDAE Ning
Upload Digital Assignments and still frames to the DAE Ning with proper Titles, Tags, and DescriptionsMake sure to check the calendar for due dates!
The Golden Rules


Download the C4D Quick Start Manual

DA1 Logo Designs

  • Create a 2d personal logo

Mr. C's Tech Survey

Building PLNs

  • Collect and share resources for animation

DA2 3D Animated Logo

  • Animate your personal logo in 3d software
  • Okay to use Cinema 4D, Maya or 3D Studio Max

Download the iiko rig and information!

Watch and try...

the Mac Lab Introductory and Creative Cow tutorials below!

DA3 C4D Quick Tutorials (or Autodesk equivalent)

  • Learn the basics of Cinema 4D
  • From the Release 10 Quickstart Manual
    • Quick Tutorial – Arranging Objects p16
    • Quick Tutorial – Modeling p23
    • Quick Tutorial – Materials p31
    • Quick Tutorial – Light p40
    • Quick Tutorial – Animation p46
    • Quick Tutorial – Rendering p55

DA4 The Spaceship Project (or Autodesk equivalent)

  • Learn the basics of modeling a primitive
  • (Mac Lab tutorials below)

Quarter 2, Semester I


DA5 The White Room

Quarter 3, Semester II

DA6 SkillsUSA Competition OR 'Imagine' for DigiCom
  1. Continue down the rabbit hole in the SkillsUSA 3D Visualization competition OR . . .
  2. With a partner, create a two minute 2D or 3D short that investigates the theme ''Imagine"
    • Make sure to view last year's DigiCom animation winner Where's the Beef
    • Due by March 30th!
  • Submit your work to at least one student film festival
    • The Shorties, DigiCom, The California Student Media Festival, or Digital Voice

Quarter 4, Semester II

DA7 Final Animation

  • Create or continue a final 2d or 3d animation utilizing class time
  • Add to your Vimeo collection AND embed on the DAE Ning!

Semester II Final

  1. Update/Create your DATA Professional Hours Spreadsheet

    • Share your spreadsheet with me for credit!
  2. Update/Create your Professional Web Portfolio

    • Start or update your Flavors or Wix online portfolio
      • MAKE SURE 'Your sentence' is included!
  3. Post 'your sentence' AND a link to your website HERE!!!

  4. Complete End of the Year survey

  5. Backup and delete all media

    • iPhoto and Aperture libraries
    • iMovie Projects
    • iTunes library
    • Desktop items
    • Empty the trash!!!

Cinema 4D tutorials from the Mac Lab

3D Introductory Tutorials

Intro | Primitives | When it's Okay to Use the Figure | Primitive Animation | Text 01 | 02 | 03 | Text Animation 01 | 02 | 03 | Loft Nurbs 01 | 02 | Loft Nurbs Animation 01 | 02 | Array | Array Animation 01 | 02 | 03 | Bend Deformer | Bend Deformer Animation |

The Spaceship Project

A Mac Lab tradition. New and improved version! What I Forgot to Mention | Where You Find the Program | Switching Between the Videos and Cinema 4D | Two Rights and a Wrong | Saving Your Work | Introduction | The Model | Stockwell's Winning Creation | Don't Change the Interface | The Cube and the Power of Undo | Parametric Handles | Make Editable and The Polygon Tool | Moving Around the 3D Environment | Modifying the Geometry | Sculpting the Geometry | Modifying and Adding Details to the Wings | The Front of the Ship (check the next movie before moving on) | Tweaking the 2 x 4s | Adding the | Sketch and Toon Texture | Adding Lines to the Editor Window | Adding Color to the Render | Colored Backgrounds | Tweaking Settings | Where'd the Lines Go? (A 30 minute mystery) |

Intro to Animating the Camera

Preview | Explanation and Setting Up the 5 Second Animation | Building My Example | The Problem Some Encounter with F-Curves | Your Example Will Be Different, Right? (plus saving strategies) | Clearing Up Confusion | Your Responsibilities | Another Animation Example | Changing Things on the Fly | Saving and Working on The Camera Copy | Adding the Camera | Toggling Between Cameras | Positioning the Camera | The All Important Render Settings | Animating the Camera and Generating a Movie | The Importance of Naming Conventions | Setting Up the Second Camera | Hiding the First Camera | Setting Up the Second Animation | How to Use and Animate a Target Camera | What's New Here? | The Rhodes Tip!

C4D Basics from Creative Cow

Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Texturing
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Texturing
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Texturing

Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Interface
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Interface
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Interface

CInema 4D Boot Camp: Animation
CInema 4D Boot Camp: Animation
CInema 4D Boot Camp: Animation

Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Modeling
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Modeling
Cinema 4D Boot Camp: Modeling