Photoshop CS5 Extended Review Test

DA1 The Profile

  • Shoot your portrait and set up your DAE Ning page
  • Complete your profile and join at least TWO GROUPS

DA2 Composition Review

  • Please work in teams of THREE with at least one NEW STUDENT on each team
  • Shoot THREE EXAMPLES for each category
  • Work on ONE CATEGORY at a time
  • Turn your 3 best images in on the DAE Ningfor class presentation!
    • TITLE, TAG, and Describe your uploads or they will not be approved

Study Di Vocabulary!!!

  • Study our digital 'word wall' of content specific vocabulary

DA3 Random Association

  • Use Photoshop to blend image and text
  • Complete 3: 1 Random, 1 Connected, 1 Free Choice
  • Turn work in on the DAE Ning and catalog your best work in the Mobile Me gallery

DA4 Tilt Shift

  • Using Quick Masks in Photoshop
  • Complete 3: 1 person, 1 place, 1 'object'

Quarter 4, Semester II

DA5 Photo Retro

  • Replicate 3 different styles of old school photography using 3 of your best images
  • Okay to shoot new work!

DA6 Brush Hunt

  • Create THREE images using three separate brush sets

DA7 Under Cover

  • Create ONE solid image using Photoshop based on a story you have read

Pathway Projects

Check the ML Calendar for DUE DATES!


DA8 Maggie Taylor Remake

    • Select one of her pieces to re-create using images entirely created by YOU!
    • Check out the Master Remakes student gallery
    • View the process of her work in the book Maggie Taylor's Landscape of Dreams
      • Ask me for the print version OR see it under the Books tab on her site
Go to the Animation Assignments page
Watch C4D Basics videos from Creative Cow

DA8 Quick Tutorials* Arranging Objects p16
  • Modeling p23
  • Materials p31
  • Light p40
  • Animation p46
  • Rendering p55

DA8 Famous Photographer Visual Biography

  • Learning more about historic and contemporary photographers
  • Create a video about a 'famous' photographer

DA9 Light Painting > Text on a Path

  • Create 3 light paintings and apply 1 line of text on a path to each

DA9 3D Introductory Tutorials

DA9 Famous Photographer Visual Biography

DA10 Light Painting > Text on a Path

  • Create 3 light paintings and apply 1 line of text on a path to each

DA10 The Spaceship Project

DA10 Famous Photographer Visual Biography

Di Vocabulary Test

  • Testing your understanding of content specific vocabulary

Semester Final

  1. Complete End of the Year survey

  2. Confirm Project grades

  3. Backup and delete all media

    • iPhoto and Aperture libraries
    • iMovie Projects
    • iTunes library
    • desktop items
    • Empty the trash!!!