Frequently Asked Question of DATA's Digital Imaging program
Is this an Art or CTE program?Both! The goal is to provide career-based learning for students interested in pursuing creative fields.This is surrounded by a solid, yet flexible, AME curriculum that has a strong foundation in the visual arts.
What type of equipment is being used in the Di studio?
  • The studio: A 39 seat iMac lab, three multi-use lighting areas, an audio recording booth, animation light boxes, and Wacom digital tablets
  • The software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Maxon's Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Fuse, and the Unity Game Engine
  • The camera gear:
    • for advanced students: Canon 50D, 60D, 70D, 6D's and 5Dand a small variety of lenses
    • for beginning students: Canon Digital Rebels
  • The lighting gear: Smith Vector hot lights for beginners and, Norman 4300 portable strobes for intermediate/advanced. Pocket Wizard radio slaves, beauty dish, soft boxes, and various light modifiers. We also use Canon 430 EXII's for events and off-camera flash projects.

Are your classes A-G approved through the University of California?
Yep! You can view DATA's UC approved AME/VPA courses here!

Where can I obtain copies of DATA's UC approved courses?
Those are HERE as well.

What about text books?

When the Di program was started there really were not any textbooks. Honestly, when text books stop being 'books', then they will have a place here.
The classes in the program utilize a solid collection of websites that support the various project levels such as

What 'standards' guide the curriculum?

The California AME, VPA, as well as the ISTE NETS are all guiding frameworks for the Di program.

Where can I find copies of the DATA Digital Imaging curriculum?
Even after 10+ years, things are still evolving. Each year's courses can be viewed in the navigation column to the right >>>>
(There you will find each class as it develops over the semester or year)

What types of community partners do you have?DATA-Di thinks of it's community partners as a local, regional, national, and even global 'village'. View them here!
(We work with each one a little differently, depending on what their time and availability is)

Does everything occur in the classroom?No. We take students out to colleges, studios, and on field projects.A collection of trip galleries can be viewed here!
How does one become an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) or an Adobe Education Leader (AEL)?
First, find a way to passionately use Adobe and Apple products in your classroom. Second, stay tuned in to the ADE website.
The AEL program is by invitation only, but you can check things out on the AEL site or follow AdobeEDU on Twitter.