Quarter 4, Semester II


  • UPDATED professional Web Portfolio

    • An organized collection of still and video work
    • A "What's YOUR sentence?" response
    • Post you link HERE!
  • Written Reflections >>>

    • Write FIVE comments on the DATA_Di Blog for items you participated in or find interesting / useful for students
      • Poorly written responses WILL BE DELETED w/ NO CREDIT!
  • Video Reflection (to be included in Web Portfolio)

  • DATA Professional Hours

    • As you partake in work-based learning experiences this Spring, add them to your Google spreadsheet!
    • NEW ITEMS: Any awards, professional speakers, contests, and/or field trips over your years in DATA
    • MUST BE SHARED w/Cauthron (imagemonki@gmail.com) for credit!

DA12 Project X_4

DA11 Inside Out

  • Conformity / Addiction / Education
  • A minimum of 5 images from each person uploaded to the Ning

Spring Break Final Edits

  • El Paseo Fashion Week, Chris Miller Workshop, and Indian Wells Arts Festival final edits DUE FRIDAY, April 8th!

Photography Quiz!

  • With a partner, answer the Photography Basics Quiz
    • Look up the answers to the questions using the Internet
    • Must be completed and turned in during one class period!!!

Quarter 3, Semester II

DA10 iDesign

  • With a partner, invent, design, and present a new technology device!
    • Create and upload the product and an advertisement that sells it's functionality.

DA9 Di Challenge: Pandora's Box

  • Visit Rio Vista Jan. 24th / Present to Rio Vista Feb. 18th!!!

DA8 Di Challenge: FACAS 2011

  • This year's theme is Fantasy/Reality
  • DUE February 11th!!!

DA7 Di Challenge: Earth Through a Lens

  • The natural environment (deserts, water, or mountains)
  • The human impact on the environment
  • DUE January 28th!!!

DA6 Di Challenge: F L O A T !

  • Part 1: Photography ONLY, NO Photoshop
  • Part 2: Super Photoshop creativity!
  • Turn in your work on the DAE Ning AND the Student Creative networks!!

Quarter 2, Semester I

Semester 1 Final

DA5 Project X_3 OR Illustrator Project

DA4 Di Challenge

  • Select a challenge project from the Di Challenges page
    • Remember: 1-3 images for Photoshop/graphics or 5-10 images for photography!

DA3 Dia Dead

  • Shoot it, draw it, B E C R E A T I V E !

Quarter 1, Semester I

DA2 Project X_2 OR Di Challenge

  • Make sure you contribute to the content of the Project X!

DA1 Project X_1 (Adopt-A-Project) OR El Grito

  • Select an assignment to adopt from Project X or assemble a collection of images from the El Grito event
  • For El Grito
    • Create TWO PROJECTS in Aperture: 1 for yourself and 1 for the CC Rotary
    • Export images for the CC Rotary w/the Di watermark / Export your work w/your own watermark
  • For Adopt-A-Project, Edit the wiki page based on my example

What is Creativity?