Why is it important to draw?Read animation blogs!

Building PLNs

  • Collect and share resources for animation

DA1 Logo Designs

  • Create a 2d personal logo

DA2 3D Animated Logo

  • Animate your personal logo in 3d software
  • Watch and Learn Intro to Animating the Camera videos

Watch and Learn 3D Introductory Tutorials from The Mac Lab

DA3 A Pretty Box

  • Practice Modeling, Color Theory, Lighting, and UV Mapping

DA4 The Spaceship Project

Quarter 1, Semester I


Download the C4D Quick Start Manual

DA5 Complete C4D Quick Tutorials

  • From the Release 10 Quickstart Manual
    • Quick Tutorial – Arranging Objects p16
    • Quick Tutorial – Modeling p23
    • Quick Tutorial – Materials p31
    • Quick Tutorial – Light p40
    • Quick Tutorial – Animation p46
    • Quick Tutorial – Rendering p55

DA6 The White Room

  • Complete this SkillsUSA challenge for 3D Visualization
  • MUST be 1/2 sheet storyboarded!

DA7 Enhanced White Room OR SkillsUSA State Project

  • Enhance your White Room project by adding color and various materials

WA Project Write Up

  • Write a learning sequence to prepare students for SkillsUSA 3D Visualization
  • Work in groups of 2-3 specific to a particular software
  • Include what to learn and links to tutorials
  • 1 Write Up per group!

DA8 Final Animation

  • Create a final animated project that showcases what you have learned this year
  • May be from Project Write Up

DA9 Final Portfolio

  • Using Flavors.me or an approved web service
  • Include your best video and/or stills (video can be uploaded to Vimeo)
  • Must include link to the following Google Docs
    • Current Resume
    • Current DATA Professional Hours

  • Must be professional in appearance and all naming conventions!!!


Download the iiko rig and information!