Photoshop CS5 Extended Test

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Mr. C's Tech Survey

DA1 Float / Fly / Fall

  • An introduction to Photoshop

DA2 Textured Face

  • Combining portrait lighting with full frame textures

DA3 Composition

  • Shoot THREE EXAMPLES for each compositional category
  • Work on ONE CATEGORY at a time

DA4 Photo Efx_1

DA5 Photo Efx_2

Quarter 4, Semester II

DA6 Perspective

  • Shoot THREE EXAMPLES for each Camera Angle
  • Complete the THREE Black & White tutorials

DA7 Butterfly Effect

  • Using symmetry to practice changing Image Size
  • Create 10 images

DA8 Tilt Shift

  • Create 3: 1 person, 1 place, 1 'object' practicing Quick Masks in Photoshop

DA9 Twins

  • Create a set of THREE images using creative expression

DA10 Little People

  • Create a set of THREE images emphasizing scale

DA11 Tiny Christos

  • Create THREE images in the style of the artist Christo

DA12 Who Am I?

  • Combining personality portraits with text
  • Create 3: 1 BLACK background, 1 WHITE background, 1 OUTDOOR

Semester Final - Voices of Learners

  • Each student will complete both a Text Quote and the Brief Video Clip